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About this site, about the link
This site is the individual record of Himalaya trekking.
About the link
Link free
It has a link to this site done freely Åy any page Åz, and it doesn't care about it. Contact is unnecessary. Try so that you can jump directly in the page which it is interested in, and try to save time of the perusal. But, URL may be changed.
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About the information inside the web site
Ask for it persistently with "at your own risk". Approve it in advance because it is attached to the damage and so on which arose by using this information and it is hardly responsible. Information on the place of the link of the outside is the same, too.
About maps
Obtain the latest information, and hang extension. Let me know it with the mail, the bulletin board, and so on if there is a question. The height above sea level that it is being written in the map, and a katakana name aren't absolute. Even the inside of site may be different.