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Latest update Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Exclusive footage of Chinese soldiers shooting at Tibetan pilgrims (You Tube)
Headline (Link)
10/02/2006 Cho Oyu breaking news: ABC swarmed by Chinese Army - Tibetans shot at Nanga La? :
10/02/2006 Cho Oyu breaking news: ABC swarmed by Chinese Army - Tibetans shot at Nanga La? : World Tibet Network News
10/03/2006 ABC swarmed by Chinese Army - Tibetans shot at Nangpa La?:
10/04/2006 Two Tibetans allegedly killed by Chinese guards: Reuters (Closed)
10/04/2006 Concerns over reports that Chinese Army fired on Tibetan refugees at Nepal border pass: Free Tibet via
10/05/2006 Chinese border security kill Tibetans, arrest 37: Kathmandu Post
10/05/2006 Two Tibetan refugees said to be killed in an attempt to sneak into Nepal: eKantipur
10/05/2006 Nangpa La update: Young Tibetan nun shot dead in front of climbers:
10/05/2006 Tibetan nun shot dead; other Tibetans feared killed on way to Nepal: ICT
10/05/2006 Filipino climbers witness killings in Tibet: (Closed)
10/07/2006 Chinese Border Patrols Kill 7 Tibetans Fleeing to Freedom: The Epoch Times
10/09/2006 Tibetans Survive Border Guards, Reach Nepal Capital: IPS
10/09/2006 Tibetans Survive Border Guards, Reach Nepal Capital:
10/09/2006 Tibetan children in Chinese custody after shooting at Nangpa Pass: ICT
10/10/2006 Romanian Nangpa La report: "Tibetans were hunted like rats":
10/10/2006 Nangpa La update: Kids marched in single file through Cho Oyu ABC after shooting:
10/10/2006 Nangpa La Shooting an eye witness account:
10/10/2006 Tibetan children in Chinese custody after shooting at Nangpa Pass:
10/11/2006 Breaking news: Slovenian climber Pavle Kozjek's pictures from Nangpa La:
10/11/2006 China tries to gag climbers who saw Tibet killings: Independent Online
10/11/2006 Climber's shock at Tibet killing: BBC
10/11/2006 China holding Tibetan children after shooting: AP via The China Post
10/11/2006 China tries to gag climbers who saw Tibet killings:
10/11/2006 Nangpa La update: Details of escape; call for pictures:
10/11/2006 Romanian Nangpa La report: "Tibetans were hunted like rats":
10/12/2006 Tibetans shot 'in self-defence': BBC
10/12/2006 China says can't confirm Himalaya border shooting: Reuters via Yahoo India (Closed)
10/12/2006 China says border guards killed a fleeing refugee in self-defense: AP via International Herald Tribune (IHT)
10/12/2006 Chinese border guards: "We killed in self-defense":
10/13/2006 Tibetans, Westerners Describe Deadly Shooting at China-Nepal Border: RFA (Closed)
10/13/2006 Illegitimate killing on Nangpa La pass by Chinese police:
10/13/2006 Tibetan refugees are also mistreated by Nepali border guards: Nepali Times
10/13/2006 Competing Claims Surround Tibetan Border Shooting Incident : VOA
10/13/2006 Imagini iexclusivitate din Himalaya, cu execu?ia unui tibetan : PRO TV (Closed)
10/13/2006 Exclusive footage of Chinese soldiers shooting at Tibetan pilgrims : PRO TV (Closed)
10/13/2006 Exclusive interview with the man who captured Tibetan&Mac226;Äôs death on tape : PRO TV (Closed)
10/13/2006 There is no excuse, China: Nangpa La VIDEO shows border guards sharpshoot refugees :
10/13/2006 Video footage of Nangpa Pass shooting refutes official Chinese statement : ICT
10/16/2006 Video Shows Apparent Shooting on Tibetans by China: Reuters , N.Y.Times(It is charged now.)
10/16/2006 A Romanian television station has released footage of what it says are Chinese soldiers shooting dead a Tibetan refugee.: BBC
10/17/2006 Nangpa La update: Call for testimonies:
10/17/2006 New images of aftermath of Nangpa pass shooting: ICT
10/18/2006 Save Tibet new images of aftermath of Nangpa La shooting:
10/20/2006 Tibet question in Italian Government:
10/20/2006 Dutch Foreign Minister to raise the issue of the shooting on Tibetans with China: ANP
10/21/2006 Nangpa La shooting survivors head for India: eKantipur
10/21/2006 Nangpa La shooting survivors head for India:
10/21/2006 French MP demands independent inquiry into Nangpa la shooting:
10/21/2006 Tibetan Community Protests Against Senseless Killings by Chinese Border Patrol:
10/23/2006 Tibetans reach India safely after shootings - group: Reuters (Closed)
10/23/2006 Tibetans in Italy protest the Nangpa la Killings:
10/23/2006 Protest demonstration in Washington D.C:
10/23/2006 Nangpa la Killings: A Matter of Routine?:
10/23/2006 Nangpa La Survivors Talk to Press (41 Tibetan Nangpa La Shooting survivors at a Press Conference):
10/23/2006 Deckyi Paljom, 7 years, one of 41 Tibetan refugees: AP via Yahoo (Closed)
10/23/2006 Tibetan survivors of Chinese shooting despair for kin back home: AP via The Hindu (Closed)
10/23/2006 U.N. must ask China to find missing Tibetans - group: Reuters
10/23/2006 Tibetan refugee killing causes outrage: CNN-IBN
10/23/2006 TCHRD holds press conference in New Delhi & Press Statement: TPPRC
10/23/2006 EU urges thorough investigation of Nangpa shootings:
10/23/2006 Tibet child refugees, in India, tell of shooting by Chinese: AFP via Yahoo (Closed)
10/24/2006 Nangpa La shootings survivors: "There was no warning of any kind":
10/24/2006 Three Detained for Allegedly Helping Tibetans Flee: RFA via Phayul com
10/25/2006 One Tibetan refugee recalls trek to freedom: The Christian Science Monitor
10/25/2006 China takes heat after tragic flight of Tibetan teenager: The Christian Science Monitor
10/25/2006 Repression under China: Murder in the mountains: Independent Online,
10/26/2006 China: Permit Independent Investigation into Shooting of Tibetan Refugees: HRW
11/21/2006 China: Interview with Two Survivors of the Nangpa Pass Shooting: HRW
12/31/2006 Best of ExplorersWeb 2006: The truth of Nangpa La: Mount Everest net
01/30/2007 News on children detained during Nangpa Pass shooting: earlier incident of Tibetans facing gunfire in escape attempt: ICT
01/31/2007 Tibetan teen says he fled China captors: AP via Phayul com
02/07/2007 Tibet boy recalls horror in China: CNN-IBN
02/08/2007 New report documents dangerous flight into exile for Tibetans: ICT
02/09/2007 Richard Gere to launch report on Tibetan exodus from China: IANS via Phayul com
03/13/2007 Tibet: Status of the Sino-Tibetan Dialogue: The Honorable Paula J. Dobriansky, His Excellency Lodi G. Gyari, Mr. Richard Gere
03/19/2007 An Eyewitness account of Nangpa La incident: Phayul com
04/25/2007 4 held for protest on Mount Everest: CNN
08/07/2007 Tibet activists detained in China for daring protest at Great Wall Phayul com
09/23/2007 Tibet fears lead to China blocking Nepal mountain route IANS via India eNews
10/18/2007 Everest current affairs: President Bush, the Dalai Lama, Men's Journal and Nangpa La: Mount Everest net
10/31/2007 China continues firing on fleeing Tibetans IANS via India eNews
11/02/2007 China denies firing on refugees: The Himalayan Times
03/10/2008 ExplorersWeb Week in Review - special edition : Mount Everest net
03/14/2008 Tourist in Lhasa, "it looks like a war zone.&Mac226;Äù Second update, ExWeb correspondent, "total curfew" : Mount Everest net
03/14/2008 ExWeb source in Lhasa, "there is some sort of a travel curfew in here right now" : Mount Everest net
03/15/2008 More voices raised for boycott of Beijing Olympics : Mount Everest net
03/16/2008 ExplorersWeb reports from Lhasa, "Orange light of fire reflected on the dark clouds in the sky" : Mount Everest net
03/16/2008 ExplorersWeb Week in Review special edition: Tibet and scrubbed climbing permits : Mount Everest net
03/17/2008 Tibetans describe continuing unrest : BBC
03/19/2008 Dalai Lama urges Tibet dialogue : BBC
03/19/2008 Tibet kept on Olympic torch route : BBC
03/20/2008 China steps up Tibetan crackdown : BBC
03/21/2008 US lawmaker demands Tibet inquiry : BBC
03/24/2008 Tibetan riots continue in China : BBC
03/25/2008 More arrests as Tibet still tense : BBC
04/04/2008 'Fresh Tibetan riots' in China : BBC
06/20/2008 Most Tibet protesters 'now freed' : BBC
11/15/2008 China welcomes UK Tibet decision : BBC
01/29/2009 China's Tibet action sparks plea : BBC
02/24/2009 China bars foreigners from Tibet : BBC
News in Nepal (Link)
01/19/2010 Tibetans arrested from Dolakha handed over to UNHCR : Nepal News com
01/17/2010 Ten Tibetans arrested from Dolakha : Nepal News com
11/25/2009 Tibetan delegation in Kathmandu : Nepal News com
07/06/2009 CA members threaten to expose PM : Republica
07/06/2009 Nepal CA members to meet Dalai Lama again : Telegraph Nepal
07/02/2009 Dalai Lama Invited To Visit Nepal : Nepal Mountain News
07/01/2009 China frets at new Tibetan protests in Nepal : IANS
04/10/2009 35 Tibetans arrested in Nepal for anti-China protest : Phayul com
04/10/2009 Three dozen Tibetan exiles arrested in Kathmandu : Nepal News com
04/04/2009 Nepali FM: Anti-China activities not allowed in Nepal : Xinhua
03/27/2009 Tibetan refugees in Nepal are scared :
03/05/2009 Rinpoche: Pacts shouldnÔæït curtail TibetansÔæï freedom : Kathmandu Post
02/28/2009 Nepal told to curb "Free-Tibet activities" :
02/28/2009 27 Tibetans in net : Kathmandu Post
02/28/2009 Nepal beefs up security ahead of Tibet anniversary : CNN
02/26/2009 &Mac226;ÄòPrevent Free-Tibet activities&Mac226;Äô</a> : eKantipur
06/26/2008 Defiant Tibetans start freedom march to China from Nepal : IANS via India eNews
06/16/2008 Chinese ambassador speaks out on Tibetans' protest yet again : Nepal
04/12/2008 China protests French MPs' meeting with Dalai men : The Rising Nepal
04/07/2008 No Anti China Activities to be Allowed in Nepal: PM : THT
04/04/2008 Tibet protests suspended in Nepal : BBC
04/04/2008 Tibetan refugees halt protests until polls : Nepal news com (the CPN-Maoist has condemned the protests of Tibetans.)
04/04/2008 Tibetans put off protests until CA poll : eKantipur
04/03/2008 China urges Nepal to act on Tibet : BBC
04/03/2008 China asks Nepal to stop Tibetan protests : IANS via India eNews
04/02/2008 &Mac226;Äòillegal political activity&Mac226;Äô China urges check on Tibetan : Kathmandu Post
04/02/2008 Tibetans try to march on Chinese embassy in Nepal : IANS via India eNews
04/01/2008 NEPAL: Tibetans Warned of Deportation to China : IPS
04/01/2008 Nepal readies Olympic team despite criticism over Tibetans : IANS via India eNews
04/01/2008 Nepal: Letter to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala : HRW
04/01/2008 Nepal: Stop Abusing and Arresting Tibetans : HRW
03/31/2008 Some 150 Tibetan protesters arrested in Nepal : IANS via India eNews
03/30/2008 Over 100 Tibetan protesters arrested in Nepal : IANS via India eNews
03/28/2008 46 Tibetan demonstrators arrested in the capital : eKantipur
03/28/2008 40 Protesting Tibetans Arrested from Kathmandu : THT
03/27/2008 HRW concerned over threats against Tibetans : KTM Post
03/27/2008 Tibetan Solidarity Committee leads first Vigil Protest in Nepal : Phayul com
03/26/2008 Nepal: Fears for Safety of Tibetans in Kathmandu : HRW
03/25/2008 50 more Tibetan protestors arrested : Nepal news com
03/24/2008 Tibetan exiles demonstrate in Kathmandu again; two dozen arrested : Nepal news com
03/20/2008 Two dozen protesting Tibetans arrested; HRW asks Nepal govt to stop doing Beijing's bidding : Nepal news com
03/19/2008 Rights activists condemn police action on Tibetans' demonstrations : Nepal news com
03/17/2008 Tibetan protestors enter UN office : eKantipur
03/17/2008 Protesting Tibetans arrested in Kathmandu : Nepal news com
03/16/2008 Tibetan refugees hold demo in front of UN office : Nepal news com
03/14/2008 Nepal blocks Everest ascent for 10 days : Nepal news com
03/12/2008 China closes Everest climb until May 10 : Nepal news com
03/12/2008 Freedom Forum slams 'suppression' of Tibetan protestors : Nepal news com
03/10/2008 First batch of Bhutanese refugees leaves for US : Nepal news com
03/10/2008 Tibetans clash with police; scores arrested : Nepal news com : YouTube
03/09/2008 Bhutanese refugees begin their resettlement journey : Nepal news com
11/01/2007 Nepal stops 5,000 Tibetans from getting US asylum: IANS via India eNews
10/16/2007 Nepal Maoists start anti-Dalai Lama campaign: IANS via India eNews
09/30/2007 18 Tibetans arrested: Peoples Review Online
08/06/2007 Hundreds of Tibetans leave Nepal for "Mass Movement" for Tibet : Phayul com
08/04/2007 New refoulement case in Nepal: Tibetan exile returned to Tibet International Campaign for Tibet
08/03/2007 China arrests scores of Pro-Tibet protesters in Tibet AP via Phayul com / CNN
04/10/2007 Dalai Lama's office will not operate in Nepal: Maoist minister: Nepal news com
03/10/2007 First Tibetan Street Demonstration in Nepal: Phayul com
01/03/2007 5000 Tibetan refugees going abroad: Punarjagaran Weekly via People's News
12/31/2006 Tibetans in Nepal 2006: Phayul com
07/05/2006 Dalai Lama office re-opened: People&Mac226;Äôs News (Office isn't resumed..)
04/01/2006 China launches project to map border with Nepal:
12/31/2005 US to resettle 5000 Tibetan refugees : Kantipur online
12/14/2005 Nepal Fines, Frees 22 Tibetans: RFA,
12/14/2005 Authorities release 22 Tibetans:
12/01/2005 18 Tibetan refugees arrested:
11/30/2005 18 Tibetans jailed in Nepal:
11/09/2005 Dalai Lama meets President Bush at White House : International Campaign for Tibet
11/06/2005 Illegal trade on rise in Namche: Kantipur Online
09/09/2005 US to resettle Tibetan refugees in Nepal:
07/24/2005 Tibet stops free pass to Nepalis: Kantipur Online
02/01/2005 Nepal home secretary: "Nepal sticks to one China policy": Kathmandu Post,
01/31/2005 Tibetan Refugees Left in Limbo With Office Closure : IPS
01/31/2005 &Mac226;ÄòNepal sticks to one-China policy&Mac226;Äô Kathmandu Post
01/29/2005 Dalai Lama's Office Says China Pressed Nepal To Close Them Down, U.S. Voices 'Strong Concern': RFA,
01/29/2005 US concerned over the Tibetan issue
01/28/2005 Nepal shuts down Tibetan offices: BBC
01/28/2005 Closure of Tibetan Refugee office draws flak
01/28/2005 Nepal: Tibetan Refugee Center Shuttered: HRW,
01/28/2005 Nepal closes Dalai Lama's office in Kathmandu: AFP,
01/28/2005 Nepal: Tibetan Refugee Center Shuttered: HRW
12/03/2003 China Constructs Road Near Nangpa La to Stem Flow of Tibetan Refugees to Nepal: ICT
05/30/2003 Nepal Endangers Tibetans with Efforts to Force Return to China: HRW